Different charities working towards similar objectives in a fragmented manner can be a problem within the third sector as it often restricts the effectiveness of desired outcomes. This is especially relevant in the current economic climate, with the charitable sector having diminishing resources available to it.

The Fayre Share Foundation addresses this by supporting and promoting the collaboration of charitable causes, believing that joint action between organisations produces stronger outcomes than unilateral initiatives, drawing on the resources and creativity of all.

This initiative was publicised in 2011 when the Foundation spearheaded the Mayor’s Inter-Faith Conference on social action in London’s faith communities. One year on, the Fayre Share Foundation partnered with the Faiths Forum for London to organise Reclaiming London Together.

Since then, the foundation has launched Collaboration House in London, a co-working space for interfaith charities. Entrepreneurial Giving, a campaign to introduce entrepreneurs to philanthropy, specifically by encouraging them to pledge a percentage of their proceeds from a liquidity event, will also launch later this year.