Entrepreneurial Giving

Entrepreneurial Giving (EG) is a network to introduce entrepreneurs to philanthropy – specifically by encouraging them to donate a percentage of their start-up’s exit proceeds to charity, creating a mission-based ethos at the core of their business as they grow. EG has a long-term vision to change the way we think about philanthropy.

The entrepreneur can donate a percentage of their choosing and no proceeds are donated until the company has a liquidity event. The network will contain a simple and accessible mechanism for the pledges, whilst providing the tools and network to empower business to do good.

Of course, charitable giving is not without its own benefits; having a charitable aim at the heart of a company can be an attractive story for marketing to customers, investors, clients and staff. Nothing says different like making a difference.

Maurice Ostro OBE will be leading a group of like-minded philanthropists and successful entrepreneurs, as well as charitable and enterprising partners, in launching EG.

Due to launch in early 2017, the aims of the network are to:

  1. Inspire entrepreneurs to create a charitable culture in their early-stage start-ups and a new generation of mission-based entrepreneurs
  2. Provide an easy tool to allow these entrepreneurs to easily donate a % of their start-up to charity via the campaign website
  3. Create a network of these like-minded entrepreneurs who have pledged
  4. Host events and share content around how to use their new engrained culture to start, grow, hire and succeed
  5. Use the stories to celebrate entrepreneurial giving online and in the media

The Fayre Share Foundation is a case in point as it exists because of the ethos that underlies Entrepreneurial Giving (see Our History). As a result, the Foundation has been able to support its key priorities and charitable initiatives in an effective and resourceful way.

Founding partners of Entrepreneurial Giving, including Fayre Share Foundation, are committed to making this work for the existing business networks, charities and entrepreneurs across the UK. Please contact us if you would like to get involved and champion the campaign.