Interfaith Relations



The Fayre Share Foundation believes that positive interaction between people of different faiths is crucial both for social harmony and as a means of presenting shared solutions to common challenges. To this end, it works closely with the Council of Christians and Jews and the Faiths Forum for London, among others.

Founded in 1942, the Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ) is the UK’s longest-serving national interfaith organisation, with projects that emphasise and encourage dialogue between people of the Christian and Jewish faiths. The Fayre Share Foundation supports the CCJ as it continues to be a template for successful interfaith relations and shows how both minority and majority faith communities can positively engage and work together.

The Faiths Forum for London(FFL) was created by London’s faith communities with support from the Department for Communities and Local Government, and launched by the Mayor of London in 2010. The FFL is a platform that enables nine of the Capital’s faith communities to work together for a better London. The Fayre Share Foundation supports the FFL’s multilateral approach to addressing London’s challenges, replacing competition with collaboration.